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Since 1946, Philalethes has provided Masonic light to generations of Freemasons. That tradition continues today. Now expanded to 44 pages per issue, Philalethes presents thought-provoking articles on Masonic symbolism, ritual, history, art and philosophy, as well as careful book reviews and insightful editorial content. Many consider Philalethes to be the finest Masonic magazine available today. Learn how to receive our journal.

Vol. 67, №2 · Spring 2014

Stewart Clelland
Seventeenth-Century Rosicrucianism and the High-Grade Freemasonry of the Eighteenth Century

Christopher B. Murphy
“The Foundation of All Masonry”
Masonic Emblems Viewed
Through a Pythagorean Lens

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Shawn Eyer
Who was Pythagoras?

Mark A. Campbell
Masonic Connections
in the Development of Labor Day

Nathan St. Pierre
The Symbol of the Seven Stars:
Ascending the Masonic Ladder

Stewart Clelland
review: Freemasonry: Fama Fraternitatis, 1614–2014 translated by Christopher McIntosh & Donate Pahnke McIntosh

Shawn Eyer
review: That Religion in Which All Men Agree by David G. Hackett

Voices of the Fellows
Robert J. Meekren

Vol. 67, №1 · Winter 2014

David Harrison
Dr. Francis Drake and the Grand
Lodge of All England Held at York

Shawn Eyer
Drake’s Oration of 1726
With Commentary and Notes
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Allan L. Casalou
Engage and Retain:
Making Life-Long Masons of the Latest Generation

R. Stephen Doan
Religious Inclusion in California Freemasonry

Andrew J. Korsberg
Our Craft as an Initiatic and Esoteric Order

Shawn Eyer
review: Freemasonry: The Vital Exploration by Walter M. Macdougall

Voices of the Fellows
Roscoe Pound

Vol. 66, №4 · Fall 2013

Shawn Eyer
A Classical Vision of Masonic Restoration
Three Key Principles of Traditional Observance

Peter Paul Fuchs
Labor Hidden and Exposed: Freemasonry’s Midwifery of Religious Freedom, Part Three

The Patron Saints and
the Point within the Circle
An Interview with David Long
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Erik L. Arneson
Introducting the New Philalethes E-Bulletin

Shawn Eyer
review: Archangels and Archaeology: J.S.M. Ward’s Kingdom of the Wise by Geoffrey Ginn

Voices of the Fellows
J.S.M. Ward

Vol. 66, №3 · Summer 2013

Shawn Eyer
Masonic Historiography & Cultural Analysis: Avoiding Bias and Other Pitfalls in Masonic Research

Peter Paul Fuchs
Labor Hidden and Exposed: Freemasonry’s Midwifery of Religious Freedom, Part Two

Christopher Murphy
“Our Old Noachian Ark”
Craft Masonry and the Traditions of Noah

Nathan St. Pierre
The Theological Ladder:
The Virtues as a Path of Ascent

Erik L. Arneson
review: The Mason’s Words: The History and Evolution of the American Masonic Ritual, by Robert G. Davis

Voices of the Fellows
Nathaniel N.J. Haydon

Vol. 66, №2 · Spring 2013

Remembering Richard H. Curtis
A touching tribute to our beloved Brother and President, Richard H. Curtis, with contributions by many leading Masonic writers and personalities.

Thomas W. Jackson
The Challenges of Masonry in the Twenty-First Century

Peter Paul Fuchs
Labor Hidden and Exposed: Freemasonry’s Midwifery of Religious Freedom, Part One

Shawn Eyer
Masonic Restoration 2013 & The Quarry Project: A Conference Report

Roger M. Firestone
Masonic Philosophy

In Memoriam: Steven K. Robison, MPS

Erik L. Arneson
review: Secret Societies in America, by William D. Moore & Mark A. Tabbert

Shawn Eyer
review: Robert Burns: The Complete Songs [Compact Disc series], by Fred Freeman

Voices of the Fellows
Walter A. Quincke

Vol. 66, №1 · Winter 2013

David Harrison
The Liverpool Masonic Rebellion & the Grand Lodge of Wigan: The Return of the Antients

Kenneth C. Jack
Tradition, Observance, Masonry Anthony O’Neal Haye: Scottish Freemason, Journalist, Author & Poet

Shawn Eyer
The Fourth International Conference on the History of Freemasonry: A Conference Report

Maxim D. Hammer
The Paradox of the Trowel

Erik L. Arneson
review: The Liverpool Masonic Rebellion and the Wigan Grand Lodge, by David Harrison

Shawn Eyer
review: The Dark Side of the Enlightenment, by John V. Fleming

Voices of the Fellows
Arthur C. Parker

Vol. 65, №4 · Fall 2012

John L. Cooper III
Freemasonry Reborn

John Zacharakis
Tradition, Observance, Masonry

Terry L. Tilton
J.C. Penney Lodges:
Examining an American Masonic Legend

Paul C. Smith
An Opportunity for Further Light

Brian Rountree
The Special Mission
of the Masonic Library

Kennyo Ismail
At Labor in the Temple of Our Lives

Adrian Castro
poem: Taken as a Fellow

Voices of the Fellows
Arthur Edward Waite

Vol. 65, №3 · Summer 2012

Erik L. Arneson
The Fantastical Worlds
of Carl H. Claudy:
A Masonic Leader’s Adventures in Speculative Fiction

Shawn Eyer
Numberless Worlds,
Infinite Beings [view sample article]

Aimee E. Newell
Developing a Symbol:
The Square and Compasses with the Letter G in American Freemasonry

Lenny Lubitz
The Edges of Freemasonry:
A Conference Report

Shawn Eyer
A Square, Compasses
and Letter G in 1525?

Voices of the Fellows
Carl H. Claudy

Vol. 65, №2 · Spring 2012

Christopher Murphy
“Here lys the tongue that never did reveal  . . . ”
The Development & Usage of the Cable Tow

Gary Leazer
Surviving the Storm: The Southern Baptist Convention, Freemasonry & the Bible

Richard Gan
Aspects of Masonic
Publishing & the Jigsaw
of Freemasonry

Angel Millar
Death, Beauty & Manhood

Erik L. Arneson
review: Operative Masonry: A Manual for Restoring Light and Vitality to the Fraternity by Kirk C. White

Shawn Eyer
review: The new Ouroboros Press edition of Theatrum Chemicum Brittanicum by Elias Ashmole

Voices of the Fellows
George S. Draffen

Vol. 65, №1 · Winter 2012

Douglas Wood
The Art of Memory and the Masonic Craft

Ed Halpaus
A Sacred Gift: The Volume of the Sacred Law

Owen Shieh
Lessons from the Checkered Pavement

Shawn Eyer
Wise and Serious Truths: Engaging the Symbolism of the Craft, Part One

Peter Paul Fuchs
Maimonides and Masonry

Erik L. Arneson
review: Albert Pike's Morals and Dogma, edited by Arturo de Hoyos

Shawn Eyer
review: Journey on the Level by Owen Shieh

Voices of the Fellows
Hirsch Geffen

Vol. 64, №4 · Fall 2011

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John B. Williams
Initiation in Masonic Life

Allan Casalou
The Resurgence of Interest in the Initiatic Experience in California

Arthur Porter
Auld Lang Syne

Shawn Eyer
Set Your Face to the East: The Initiatic Quest of the Apprentice Mason

Beat Schwendimann
Between Heaven & Earth

Erik L. Arneson
review: A Guide to Masonic Symbolism by Duncan Moore

Shawn Eyer
review: Man and Mason—Rudyard Kipling by Richard Jaffa

Voices of the Fellows
Charles G. Reigner

Vol. 64, №3 · Summer 2011

Andrew Hammer
Restoring Our Lodges, Observing Our Craft

Shai Afsai
The Sage, the Prince & the Rabbi

Ron Watkins
Freemasonry and Initiation

Paul Adams
The Affirmation of the Supreme Being (free sample article)

Maxim D. Hammer
The Square & the Four Cardinal Virtues

Bryan D. Dietrich
The Lost Word

Adam G. Kendall
review: Hibiscus Masonic Review vol. 3, edited by Peter J. Millheiser

Voices of the Fellows
Reynold E. Blight

Vol. 64, №2 · Spring 2011

Michael Halleran
“Hold On, Boys…” Freemasonry in the Border War, 1854–1865

Kenneth C. Jack
Sauchie Tower & Old Sauchie House

Steven B. VanSlyck
What a Lodge Can Truly Be

Leon Zeldis
Illustrated by Symbols (free sample article)

Shawn Eyer
The Elements of Consecration, Part Two

William Peake
The Passages of a Mason: Master Mason

Shawn Eyer
review: Freemasonry: An Introduction by Mark E. Koltko-Rivera

Erik L. Arneson
review: Here's Looking at Euclid by Alex Bellos

Adam G. Kendall
review: Museum and Memorial by Mark A. Tabbert

Voices of the Fellows
Louis Block

Vol. 64, №1 · Winter 2011

Robert G. Davis
The New American Mason: Generations Together in Private Conclaves of Manhood (free sample article)

Daniel D. Hrinko
The Formation of a Craft Driven Lodge

David Harrison
From Elias Ashmole to Arthur Edward Waite

Helmuth Svoboda
Wanted: Ashlarists

Beat Schwendimann
The First Stone

William Peake
The Passages of a Mason: Fellow Craft

Shawn Eyer
The Anchor and the Ark: Symbols of Faith, Hope and the Persistence of Tradition

Shawn Eyer
review: Observing the Craft by Andrew Hammer

Erik L. Arneson
review: The Royal Arch Journey by Neville Barker Cryer

Voices of the Fellows
Robert I. Clegg

Vol. 63, №4 · Fall 2010

Paul Rich
Robert Burns and the Mystery of ‘The Master‘s Apron’

Shai Afsai
Thomas Paine’s Masonic Essay
(free sample article)

    Online Bonus Supplement
    Thomas Paine
    The Origin of Free-Masonry

Ravi S. Kudesia
Journeying Eastward: Freemasonry in Light of the Vedanta

William Peake
The Passages of a Mason: The Apprentice

Ed Halpaus
The Senses: Hearing

Shawn Eyer
review: The Mystic Tie by Billy Kay

Erik L. Arneson
review: A Radical in the East by S. Brent Morris

Voices of the Fellows
Henry F. Evans

Vol. 63, №3 · Summer 2010

C.F. William Maurer
Elkanah Watson: A Tale of Freemasonry and Revolution

Jeremy Gross
Benjamin Franklin and Jewish Ethics (free sample article)

Benjamin Franklin
On the Symbolism of Early American Currency
sidebar: What About the Great Seal?

Shawn Eyer
The Transvaluation of Status in the First Degree

Thomas J. Monteforte
William Preston‘s Charge to the Fellow Craft

Leon Zeldis
Philosophize to Live

Erik L. Arneson
review: The Better Angels of Our Nature

Voices of the Fellows
Harry L. Haywood

Vol. 63, №2 · Spring 2010

John Wade
English Masonic Processions

Michael Pearce
The Function of Secrecy in the Work of Freemasonry

Eric C. Friedman
A Reflection upon the Greater & Lesser Lights

Shawn Eyer
The Elements of Consecration, Part One (free sample article)

Ed Halpaus
"All the Implements of Masonry, Indiscriminately, but More Especially…

Mounir Hanafi
poem: Wages from Heaven

Shawn Eyer
review: The Beauty and Glory of the Day
review: Into Masonic Light

Voices of the Fellows
Silas H. Shepherd

Vol. 63, №1 · Winter 2010

Julian Rees
Light from the Tracing Boards

Thomas D. Worrel
The Art of Memory and the Spiritual Practice of the Liberal Arts

Shawn Eyer
Writing a Masonic Paper (free sample article)
The Beehive and the Stock of Knowledge

David Sudia
Trust, the Thread of the Mystic Tie

Ed Halpaus
Masonic Communication

Adam G. Kendall
review: Fraternal Regalia I

Voices of the Fellows: C. C. Hunt

Vol. 62, №4 · Fall 2009

Robert G. Davis
William Preston: Architect of the American Craft Ritual

Shawn Eyer
The Mystery of the Mosaic Pavement

Ed Halpaus
Truth: A Masonic Meditation

Erastus Allen
Knowing, and Still More to Know (free sample article)

Shawn Eyer
review: The Masonic Myth
  by Jay Kinney
review: The Medals and Jewels of
  British Freemasonry

  by Trevor I. Harris

Voices of the Fellows: Rudyard Kipling

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